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1 Year Blogiversary

By Lauren | March 20, 2015 | 1 Comment

1 year ago today I started my blog and committed to the life of a blogger. My biggest fears were definitely the fear of not being able to keep up with it, people not liking my writing, and most of all, running out of ideas for what I should write about. Up until this point I hadn’t really published my writing in any way and was sort of self conscious about doing so. With a personal blog, you really have the freedom to say and write about whatever you want, and what if people didn’t like what I was writing about?

It blows me away how much can really change in a year and over this past year, starting my blog has been the most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve ever taken on. There were times that I was just sick of writing, times that I had major writers block, and times that I wondered if I just stopped blogging if anyone would notice, but I pushed through and am thankful for where I’ve come today as a blogger and writer.

My blog has brought upon several writing opportunities. I started writing for Talent Egg in the early beginnings of my blog, an opportunity that came from me sharing my blog posts on Twitter with them, and this opportunity led to me being published in the Metro News across Canada (and even once in the USA) upwards of 20 times, from there only fell more opportunities. I started writing regularly for Student Life Network, where some of my posts were seeing over 750 shares, and over 12,000 pageviews. I also had a post of mine spiral out of control with popularity after publishing it on Social Media Today, that it was picked up by several other blogs like PR Daily. I also had two other recent guest posts go up over at Ten Thousand Coffees and Op Ed Marketing. 

This year has been an exciting one in the world of Lauren. I went from being scared to even show my writing to anyone to seeing my writing published all over the internet, peoples social media feeds, and in the newspaper. After a great year of developing myself into a blogger in my industry, I’ve now been inspired to give my travel blog an overhaul and start giving it the attention it deserves. Which has already landed me 3-4 other travel blogging opportunities.

I’m blessed and thankful for this great year and I can’t wait to see what can become of my blog in the next year. In the meantime, check out some of the stats of my blog from year one below.

1 Year Blogiversary


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23 March, 2015 Reply

Hi Lauren, congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary! We have the same blogiversary apparently. I did a search on "1 year blogiversary" and found your site. Looks like you have done so much in your 1st year! I share the same apprehension about having my writing published on the net. I actually wrote about my 1st year experience on my blog. Wishing you continued success! You should be very proud :)

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