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Wow! I didn’t think I’d reach this day so quickly. Just a little while ago (at least it seemed like it) I was thanking all my followers for getting me to 100 followers. Today I’m so grateful, and overjoyed to be thanking everyone for getting me to 1,000! It was actually my news years resolution to get myself to 1,000 followers, and achieving this with 4 months left in the year makes me overjoyed.

Demographic Followers

Demographics of followers

I thought about celebrating my 1,000 followers by doing something crazy. Throwing myself a party, doing a cool mosaic of all my followers, or my friend suggested sharing 1,000 facts about me. I didn’t think I was interesting enough that anyone would want to read 1,000 facts about me, so I decided to reach out to some of my followers and get them to submit questions they’d like to see me answer!

How do I get more Twitter followers@JocelynMartin97

Ah the burning question that many Twitter users always ask. They’re so excited to jump on the Twitter bandwagon with all their friends, and expect to quickly accumulate followers overnight, but are disappointed when they notice the insignificant changes in their follower growth. So how does someone get more Twitter followers? Especially when they are trying to attract Twitter followers to their personal accounts? Here’s some tips:

1. Follow people you’re interested in. Don’t follow every single person out there, or feel obligated to follow back everyone that follows you. Seek out people you may know, celebrities you like, people within your industry that you work in, you get the point! The more people you follow, you’ll begin to see they will follow you back!

Hot Topics

What I’m talking about on @MarinighPR

2. Join in on conversations. This is KEY to driving more followers to your account. Don’t just sit around and Tweet and hope that’s enough for people to follow you. Use the Twitter search bar and seek out conversations you can join in on. Often there’s even different Twitter Chats that may be happening that you’ll be interested to join in on. These are great for growing your engagement.

3. Create valuable content. The main reason ANYONE is going to follow you back is that they realize you are providing content to them that is significant, shareable and content they may not get anywhere else. Be creative with your content, and instead of only Tweeting about what you ate, what you’re doing, and live-tweeting your favourite shows, start sharing content and creating content that may interest other followers. Let’s be honest, we all tweet about the awesome dinner we had, but at the end of the day, what is it that YOU like to read about on social media? Probably not about someones dinner.

4. Be patient! It’s going to take time to gain a following. You can’t expect to see a change overnight. Stay focused, dedicated, and don’t disappear for long periods of time without any content. You’ll slowly begin to see your follower count rise!

Check out this article on how to grow your Twitter following organically that I wrote earlier this year. It may give you some additional insight.

What are common social media marketing mistakes businesses make?@_aabukar

There are so many mistakes that people often make on social media for their business, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few but here goes nothing.


How often am I tweeting?

1. Over or under-posting. Yes it is a thing to over-post or under-post on your social media. No one wants to follow an account that hardly ever has any new updates, and no one wants to follow one that has TOO many, so it’s important to find a happy medium. Twitter has more flexibility with this, but with Facebook I’d suggest keeping it to one post a day.

2. Jumping on every social bandwagon. Many businesses see the latest and greatest platform and feel like they NEED to jump on it. The truth of the matter is, you don’t need to be on every social platform. You should be on the ones that make sense for YOUR business, and where your target market resides.

3. Not monitoring and listening. You create a profile and then completely neglect it. You don’t seek out conversations involving your business, your competitors, or your product category, you don’t answer customers questions, and you don’t listen to what consumers are saying. If you aren’t going to bother being active online, don’t bother being online at all!

Check out my article I wrote a few months back on my personal Twitter pet peeves. These pet peeves may not be mistakes that annoy everyone but may add some more insight on what I think businesses are doing wrong.

Follower Map

Where my followers live

How do you decide which social media platforms are best to engage on? @NickKattis

A tough question that confuses many when choosing which social platforms to jump on to. In terms of engagement via social media, it all comes down to who you are trying to engage with and where they reside online. Do research on the user demographics of each different channel, and figure out who you’re trying to reach. Also determine which platform would be best to achieve the type of engagement you are seeking.

For example: if you are seeking the answer to a long question, or for your followers to join in on a lengthy discussion/debate, Facebook would probably be the best option due to it’s unlimited character limit. If you are just looking to share visual information with your audience, and hope that they will interact by “liking” then Instagram may be a better bet, etc.

Many times once you determine the social network your audience resides on it will just take experimentation to determine the best places to engage and interact with different content. The beautiful thing about social media is it allows room for error, and allows for you to experiment endlessly!

This post I wrote on questions to ask before getting social media may help guide you in asking yourself the important things before you jump on any social bandwagon.

What are your favourite blogs to read about marketing or anything else? -@ThatPrince

Most of the stuff I read is across many blogs and websites because I usually find it through my Twitter feed and what other people are sharing through their Twitter, but some of my favs:

– Mashable
– Huffington Post
– Social Media Today
– Thought Catalog & Elite Daily (nothing to do with marketing but I love them!)
– LinkedIn (their publishing tool has generated such great content)

Thank you to Nick, Jocelyn, Sarah & Ahmed for your questions, and if you aren’t following me yet, do yourself a favour and click that follow button!  If you have any additional questions, ask below in the comments section!


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