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5 Misconceptions of Social Media

By Lauren | April 15, 2014 | 0 Comment

Social media is like sex, we’re all doing it but few are doing it well. Okay, was that too provocative for a professional blog? Too late…

What are the common misconceptions about social media that even professionals may have all wrong? Here’s my two cents:

1. The more social media sites we’re on, the more people we’ll reach.

WRONG! Just because you are on every latest and greatest social media platform may mean you’re reaching more people but are you reaching the right people? It is important to not just jump on the bandwagon and make sure to do your research. Find out where your demographic is and choose those platforms to focus your attention on. You’ll quickly learn that there is very few companies, if any that should be on EVERY platform.

2. The more we post, the better.

You may think that if you post 10-20 times in a day that will give you optimal results on your social media. Okay, if you’re a company that has 10-20 valuable things to post daily, then give yourself a round of applause because this is rare. Keep your posts valuable, and don’t just post the same thing 20 times in a day. This is irritating and will actually do worse for your brand than good.

3. As long as I check it a few times a week, that’s all that matters.

Social media is a full-time job, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hire someone to manage your pages but it’s important to know that whether you’re logged on or off, people are talking about you. Make sure as a business you are watching for regular mentions, and seeking out conversations people are having about you. Realize that it’s not just about offering excellent customer service offline, but online as well.

If you are not going to be fully engaged and active with your social account, don’t bother getting one!

4. Social media is free!

This is becoming more and more a myth everyday. Yes social media is essentially free, but if you want to get noticed, you may have to invest some money into it. Whether that be with hiring a Community Manager, or with paid advertising/boosted posts. Just because you have 20,000 likes on your Facebook page, doesn’t mean that every time you post all those people see it in their news feed. I know this is a shocker for many people!

5. You should expect results immediately.

Just like anything else, you are not going to see results over night. It takes time to organically build a community on social media and it will take time to see the results you want. Be patient and consistent and soon enough you’ll see the results you dreamed about.


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