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Tips on Networking for Introverts

By Lauren | August 16, 2023 | 0 Comment

Networking can be intimidating. You grow up your entire life being told to not talk to strangers, and now suddenly that you’re an adult they encourage you to talk to strangers for career development? In an age where most of us are used to connecting through email and online, face-to-face conversations with strangers don’t come as easily as they used to. Some of us are just natural born introverts—especially us Millennial’s who grew up online—so putting ourselves out there can be overwhelming and awkward.

Personally I’m one of these people. If you met me, you’d think I was really outgoing and this would never be an issue, but when I’m forced in a situation where I don’t know a single person in the room, my confidence plummets. Over the years I’ve learned to get better at the whole networking thing, it’s taken time, and it still makes me feel uncomfortable, but I’ve learned some ways that boost my confidence in networking situations that help! Here are my secrets…


I’ve traveled to other countries alone for networking events, and it’s scary! So pre-networking has worked wonders for me. Most major events or conferences have some sort of social media presence where you can see the attendees list. Look through the people attending and find some people you can strike conversations with before you even go to the event. This will help boost your confidence the day of the event, because you’ll already have some connections you can meet up with that you’ve already communicated with! Not sure where to start looking? Look for some of the attendees through Facebook groups, events, Twitter with the event hashtag, LinkedIn or even Ten Thousand Coffees (if you already know their names).

Nail your elevator pitch

The biggest fear of many people when it comes to conferences and networking events is not knowing what to say. Sure you can introduce yourself to someone and shake hands, but what comes after that? This is where your elevator pitch comes in. Write down some notes before attending of things you want people to know about you.

For example: “My name is Lauren Marinigh and I work in social media marketing in Toronto, I also run my own blog called “Twirl The Globe” which is a travel blog that focuses on part-time travel.” Seems silly to think about this when you know yourself pretty well, right? Well sometimes what you want to say and what you actually say can be entirely different when you’re nervous, so preparing and practicing can help you get out the right words.

Have a plan

Knowing your schedule/itinerary for during the event is great, but having a plan for who you want to network with in between sessions can be extremely helpful. Events can be overwhelming as they’re filled with so many new people you can meet, it’s hard to know where to start, and it’s hard not to just stand in the corner talking to the same person the entire time, so this is where your plan comes in! Know who you want to network with and meet, even if you don’t pre-network with them, doing some research on who they are, and even what they look like, can help you have a better game plan for the day of.

Find a partner in crime


There’s safety in numbers and it’s amazing how even having one person by your side can make these events so much easier. Now I don’t mean to sit and only talk to this one person the entire time, but going up and meeting people together, or being in close proximity to one another can not only boost your confidence, but also give you a safety net. If a conversation goes stale, or someone you’re talking to has to go, you have someone close by who you can jump into conversation with.


This has been the biggest help for networking events for me. I either find someone right away to stick with, or I find someone in my pre-networking. Most people are in the same boat as you, so don’t feel weird asking if you can stick with them and conquer the event together. The one thing to keep in mind though, is nobody wants to be your babysitter, so don’t become too needy. I mean, if they need to go to the bathroom, you don’t need to follow right behind them. You can still be your own person!

Watch your body language


Last but not least, pay attention to your body language! As introverts, you probably find comfort in things like your laptop or phone to save your from awkward situations, but by standing and looking at your device while everyone else is mingling, you’re only telling people not to approach you! Keep your body language open and welcoming. That means – don’t stand with your arms crossed, looking down, or especially on your device or hidden in your notebook, keeping your body language warm and friendly will let people know you’re easily approachable and will hopefully in turn, draw people to starting conversations with you!
Networking can be tough and intimidating, and for some people, it doesn’t necessarily get easier, just bearable. Once you have a few tricks up your sleeve like the ones above, you’ll already feel a bit more prepared and confident going into a room full of new people to meet!



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