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Are we in Mexico or Toronto?

By Lauren | June 11, 2014 | 0 Comment

This weekend my family and I went to La Carnita in Toronto for a belated Mother’s Day dinner with my Mom. My Mother is a huge fan of Mexican food, in fact all things Mexican period, and after reading a bunch of great reviews for La Carnita, we thought we would give it a try.

La Carnita is located on College Street and is a little hard to find because they do not have a super noticeable sign out front, but boy am I glad that we went out of our way to try this spot!

la-carnitaThe restaurant itself is deceiving from the outside and looks like it would be very small with minimal seating, but it actually goes pretty far back and seats quite a few people, which is great since they don’t take reservations.

The decor in the restaurant is super fun, not what you would necessarily expect for a Mexican restaurant but very modern and cool. It is a pretty loud atmosphere, with quite an interesting music selection, so if you plan on going here don’t expect a super fancy experience.

As for the food, the best part… IT. WAS. DELICIOUS. My mouth is watering just typing about it. We started by ordering the tortilla chips with 3 dips – guacamole, corn salsa, and serrano & cashew bean dip. All three dips were to die for. I especially loved the corn sa10303475_10152560865559363_8523203487797144866_nlsa, and the tortilla chips were fresh and homemade.

Our next course we ordered was the Mexican Street Corn, which was: Mexican crema, queso anejo, arbol & ancho chili powder on 2 big corn on the cobs. This was so, so good. I would go to this restaurant just to eat this. It is a bit messy but the taste of the barbequed corn mixed with the toppings is delicious.

We then moved on to tacos. You only get 1 taco per order which is great because it allows you to try other things too. I ordered the Pollo Frito which is chicken with peanut mole sauce, pickled green cabbage, salsa fresca and a few other toppings. This was interesting and different than your regular mole as it was on breaded chicken. The spiciness of the hot sauce that was on the taco was nicely complimented with the honey, making it sweet and spicy. Definitely would recommend it.

After the taco, we had to have the daily special which was a Short Rib Empanada. Another delicious Mexican dish. The pastry on these melted in your mouth and apparently they sell out of them every Saturday.

10371353_10152560865579363_932337283053708144_nOur last course was the Paletas which are homemade popsicles. We had the Key Lime Pie one which was delicious. Mexican popsicles are the best because they make them all with fresh and real fruit, giving them an authentic, natural flavour.

Overall the whole meal was delicious. We wanted to order one of everything because everything looked so good. Don’t go to La Carnita expecting your regular restaurant experience, but the amazing food is worth at least one visit, or two, or three. 😉



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