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Beginner Guide to Blogging

By Lauren | August 19, 2014 | 0 Comment

There are many benefits of having a blog, which I’m not going to sit here and list, but one of the biggest reasons many people stop themselves from developing one, is because they have no idea how to keep up with regular content.

A blog is a lot less intimidating than you may think. One of the most important things for you to remember is that people aren’t always going to be expecting content from you all the time. On your personal blog, set a schedule that works best for you individually.

Before you even develop your blog, sit down and brainstorm a bunch of things you can write about. Create a master list. Are you stuck and can’t even think of topics? Think about stuff that you find easy to write about. If you’re creating a professional blog on finance for example. Think of the most common questions people ask or need addressed when it comes to finance. That will help shape a handful of ideas.

It’s important to remember that you should breakdown post ideas as much as possible. Try not to pick topics that are very broad and that you can write about for days, the more specific you can get the better. This way you’ll suddenly turn one broad topic into several specific topics.

Here’s an example: I want to write a post on how to cut costs. Instead of writing a general post on cutting costs I could suddenly turn that idea into a few other posts like: how to save money on your phone bill, cutting costs on groceries and food, how to save money with your hydro bill, etc.

Once you have a solid list of ideas get a calendar and lay them out. I find this an easy way to keep me on track because otherwise I would just keep pushing posts and never actually scheduling to have them done and posted on a particular week or date. Think about the frequency of content you’d like to have and that is obtainable for you.

Once you lay out all your posts on a calendar. Start drafts. I have found that this is the easiest way to plan my content and stay organized. I will start a draft for all the posts I plan on wanting to write. When I have a chance I’ll sit down and hammer out the posts. Sometimes I’ll do them the week or day I want to post it, other times I’ll sit down and write 5 posts at a time to keep in my drafts to easily post in the future. If you have time to write multiple posts at a time, this is a great way to still have regular content when you’re busy. You can even start writing a post and come back to it later.

The most important thing to do when starting a blog is to be committed. Even when you’re busy, and have a million other things to do, set aside time to write. You’d be surprised how quick you can write a blog post when you just put your mind to it. You’ll also be surprised how quickly you get into a habit of blogging. When I started my blog I suddenly found myself seeking out new things, and opportunities to have stuff to blog about.

Blogging can be fun, and it’s even more fun to see the response and traction you’ll begin to get on your blog. If you have any questions, or looking for more advice on blogging. Leave me a comment! 


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