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Why your CEO Should be on Social Media

By Lauren | September 8, 2014 | 0 Comment

It is 2014, and most companies and businesses have adapted to the fact that if they want to be competitive in their industry, they have to present online and on social media channels. But other than having your business online, why is it important for your CEO to be actively using social media as well?

Surprisingly only 1 in 5 CEO’s have a social media account. If there’s one person within your organization that should have a social presence, it’s your CEO, so why is it that CEO’s seem to be hiding something or “too” busy for social media?

Here’s some reasons your CEO should be utilizing social networks to help your business:

CEO on TwitterTransparency 

By having your CEO  on social media, with a bio that makes them easily identifiable, it will help create transparency between your company and your consumers.

Your consumer can now attribute a face, personality, and expert behind your brand. As oppose to just starting at a logo on their social feeds, and having no idea who’s communicating with them on the other end. Show your consumers that there’s nothing to hide, and that your CEO cares to be active within their social community.

Brand Image

By showing that your company can be transparent, and that your CEO is actively involved in the community and an expert in their field, this will help humanize and create a more relatable brand image for your business. Having a face to match with your brand adds authenticity that your consumers aren’t going to find elsewhere.

Company Morale

Your CEO is tweeting so you should be tweeting too. By having an active CEO, suddenly you’ll see motivation for other members of your staff to join in on the fun, or more engaged employees. Although your CEO is important to have on social media, other members of your staff are also important and beneficial to having online as well. Leaders no longer have to be only seen on TV or read about, although your CEO may not be able to interact with all their staff on a daily basis, this is a great place to start interacting with them as you can.

Fun Facts

  • 49% of corporate reputation is attributed to how people view the CEO.
  • Among the 50 top-performing companies, 72% of CEO’s are active on social media.
  • 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage on social media.
  • 78% of employees want to work for a CEO who engages on social media.
  • 81% of employees consider social CEO’s better leaders.

Having your CEO on social media can be a valuable asset to your company. Stress the importance of this to your CEO, and show them some active CEO’s online who have made a splash for their business!

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