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Church Aperitivo Bar Review

By Lauren | February 26, 2015 | 0 Comment

church aperitivo barFor my Birthday this past week I decided to splurge with a girlfriend and try out a Winterlicious restaurant. Since Winterlicious has been all the rage in Toronto the last few weeks, I thought it made the most sense to pick one of these places to try out. Naturally I chose Church Aperitivo Bar because it was close to my house and a restaurant I’ve never tried before. Not to mention that the menu looked delicious.

This restaurant is located on Queen West and Dovercourt and has the church aperitivo barcutest exterior. It is located in a former Slavic Pentecostal Parish that was refurbished into a restaurant. The windows, high ceilings and exterior still give the church vibe. The restaurant was a nice size and seats quite a few people, but not to large that you begin to loose the quality of service and food.

church aperitivo barI started with the caprese salad which was a bit different than a traditional caprese, as it had beets as oppose to tomatoes. Considering I’m not a beet lover, this was surprisingly a delicious combination! After our first course, I moved on to the Penne Alla Norma which disappointingly doesn’t seem to appear on their regular menu. This pasta was delicious and the perfect serving size. It was homemade pasta, with eggplant and tomato sauce, topped with shaved ricotta cheese. church aperitivo bar

Finally, our dessert was Pannacotta which was a cup of a creamy pudding-like desert with a fruit topping and berries. Another absolutely delicious course. I wish I had a massive bowl of it!

Overall the meal was delicious and the atmosphere was great. I loved the feeling of being in the renovated church, and the staff were more than friendly. Our waiter was Italian and spoke to us in Italian which gave it a church aperitivo barvery authentic feeling. We also had other staff regularly checking on us and making sure our wine glasses were always full! I even told the one it was my Birthday and he gave us a free glass of Passito each, which is a delicious sweet Italian wine.

Our experience at Church Aperitivo Bar was great and it was an excellent Birthday celebration. I would highly recommend this restaurant for a nice place to grab some food and good wine. It’s a bit out of my regular price range to binge on a 3 course meal, but their regular menu is mid-priced and for the great food, service, and atmosphere, it’s worth it!

Photo credit: Church Aperitivo Bar twitter account. 


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