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DavidsTea 2014 Summer Collection Review

By Lauren | May 16, 2014 | 0 Comment

Tis the season for a new DavidsTea collection to be released, and since summer is my favourite season this was a highly anticipated collection for myself! I bought a “perfect pitcher” pack of all the 5 new flavours so I could try each and every one of them before I decided which ones I wanted to buy more of. Take a look at my reviews of each flavour below.

Just Peachy Iced Tea:photo
At first I wasn’t to fond of this tea but once I let my tea steep a bit longer the tea started to grow on me more. This tea is a herbal blend combining apple, sweet blackberry leaves & peach. Sometimes I often feel that when DavidsTea combines multiple fruits in one tea, one flavour overpowers the other. Which in this tea, peach is definitely the powering flavour which is exactly what I was hoping for. The peach flavour itself is a bit sweet, tastes more like a fuzzy peach candy than a real peach which is slightly disappointing but still good, depending what you’re looking for. I made my tea in my DavidsTea water bottle with 2 scoops of tea. I left my tea ball in the water bottle, and I took a sip after it had been steeping for 2.5 hours and I definitely loved the powerful flavour of a longer steep then when I first was drinking it after steeping for only about 5ish minutes. Note: adding a bit of agave majorly boosted the peach flavour, without it the tea tasted a bit watery.

photoSangria Iced Tea:
This tea I was pleasantly surprised with. I wanted so badly for this to be my new favourite tea and it definitely did not disappoint. I am a very picky person when it comes to sangria. After spending multiple summers in Spain, I know what real sangria should taste like, but despite my high expectations, DavidsTea did not disappoint. This tea is one fruity melody of all sorts of flavours, containing: apple, hibiscus, liquorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, orange, strawberry and raspberry. I feel like the hibiscus is most definitely what gives this tea the unique taste. For steeping, I’d recommend a shorter steep than Just Peachy, it becomes strong pretty quickly. Overall this is delicious (if you like sangria), my only recommendation would be to try and avoid this iced tea when you’re hungover because it tastes so close to regular sangria, it’s easy to forget there’s no alcohol in

Watermelon Mint Iced Tea:
Alright, so I think this is one of those teas that would need to grow on me. The  ingredients in this one include: apple, honeydew melon, peppermint, carrot, watermelon, wild strawberry leaves, beetroot and artificial watermelon-mint flavouring. Now that I look at the ingredient list, I really taste the honeydew melon and the artificial watermelon flavour. It is good and refreshing for a hot summer day but personally I find it tastes very artificially flavoured. Saying that, I realize it’s pretty hard to get a natural melon flavour considering melon has such a high percentage of water. This tea wasn’t what I was hoping for at all. I even tried it hot in hopes that I would develop a liking for it, but it looks like I won’t be purchasing more of this one.

photoMango Fruit Punch Iced Tea:
I must admit, I was skeptical of this flavour after reading different reviews from it’s appearance in the 2013 summer collection. I really had low expectations for this iced tea but was pleasantly surprised. This may even be one of my favourites. This blend has pineapple, mango, orange peel and slices, tangerine, safflower, marigold, strawberry and artificial flavouring. The actual blend itself is very chunky with fruit but boy does it make a cup of fruity goodness. You can really taste the mango in this tea, with a hint of the pineapple. It really comes out as a great fruit punch flavour and unlike Watermelon Mint, the artificial flavouring is not noticeable, at least to me. Much like Sangria, it steeps strong pretty quickly but the longer you leave it in the more of the delicious fruit punch flavour you’ll get. I steeped mine for about 30ish minutes.

Shooting Star Fruit Iced Tea:photo
This tea I find a bit harder to review, the reason for this is because of the ingredients in it: apple, white tea, papaya, mango, star fruit and jackfruit. I have no idea what a starfruit or a jackfruit is supposed to taste like so I can’t really comment on what fruits come out the most in the flavour of this tea. Except for I do taste a hint of mango amongst it all. This being the only white tea in the collection, I was pleasantly surprised that it is so flavourful. I steeped this tea for a lot longer than recommended and I really liked the final flavour. Not to mention the smell of this loose leaf tea is to die for, I wish my whole house could smell like it! This tea is probably in my top 3 favourites from this collection, as it’s not watery and at least to me it doesn’t taste artificially flavoured. Would definitely recommend this fruity and refreshing tea to anyone.

Final Verdict:
Overall the summer collection I enjoy a lot more than the spring collection this year. All the teas were good in their own way and I wasn’t overly disappointed in any of them, just some of them I wouldn’t choose to run out and purchase more of. One thing I did notice is 4 out of 5 of these teas have apple in the ingredients, which is fine for me but for people like my sister who is allergic to apples, or for those that don’t like apples may be disappointed. Overall I would rank these teas as follows:

1. Sangria
2. Mango Fruit Punch
3. Shooting Star Fruit
4. Just Peachy
5. Watermelon Mint


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