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Do’s & Don’ts For Your Facebook Page

By Lauren | November 14, 2016 | 0 Comment

Despite what people may think, Facebook is still the market leader for social networks with 1.71 billion monthly active users. 77% of B2C companies say they’ve acquired customers from Facebook, and I think those numbers are pretty hard to ignore. But just because your business is on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you’re on it in the right way! Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure you’re not just on Facebook, but excelling at it.

Do: Complete your profile

Don’t leave any inch of your profile blank. Your contact information, link to your website, and “about us” section should be filled with all the valuable information to make it easier for visitors to learn more.

Don’t: Post too often

With Facebook’s algorithm, content doesn’t necessarily appear in your fans feeds right when you post it, and unlike Twitter where your feed is refreshing constantly, it can be annoying when you post too much. Posting once a day is a good rule of thumb.

Do: Be strategic on when you post

Use Facebook insights that are built into your Facebook page to determine what time of day your content is performing the best and alter your posting to fit. This way you’ll be optimal about reaching your audience.

Don’t: Set and forget

Pre-scheduling Facebook posts right through Facebook or on tools like Hootsuite can be great and very convenient, however, pre-scheduling and then forgetting about your page completely won’t get you anywhere. Instead, make sure you are still checking back for comments and opportunities to engage.

Do: Post multimedia

Facebook heavily favours multimedia (video and photo) content over text. Therefore with your posts you should always be posting a photo or video, or at least letting your links auto-generate a visually appealing image. This is a no brainer because when people are scrolling through their feed, it’s going to be attractive photos that make them stop to read or see more.

Don’t: Only sell

No one wants to follow a page that only talks about themselves, and selling 24/7 isn’t going to get you anywhere, especially for those that may have already bought from you. Instead, provide and share valuable content that keeps people wanting to come back for more, whether they’re prospective, current or past customers.

Do: Advertise

It can be hard to gain the exposure you want on Facebook without money behind your posts and content. Even a little bit can go a long way with gaining exposure for your page. So take advantage of Facebook advertising to help boost your engagement and exposure.

Don’t: Ignore the negative

Customers always have good and bad things to say, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if you get a negative comment on your page at some point, especially once you grow your audience. However, ignoring these comments or worse, deleting them, won’t do you any good. Instead, have a plan in place on how to appropriately address these situations in a way that can turn a negative into a positive. Customers want to know you care!

Do: Tag away

Tagging people or businesses within your posts can really help boost your exposure, and also increase the chance that those people may share your posts. If you are posting something that mentions a specific business, or influencer, tag them within your post!

So stop just being on Facebook, start being on it in the right way.


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