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Exciting New Project Announcement

By Lauren | June 19, 2014 | 0 Comment

For those of you that follow me on Twitter you may have noticed me tweeting out the other day that I had an exciting idea in the works that I was nervous but excited about! Well here is what it is…. [drum roll please]…. MY QUOTE A DAY PROJECT!

Basically I got the inspiration for this project late on a Sunday night when I stumbled across an Instagram account that Khloe Kardashian (of all people) kept mentioning in her posts. The account was for Robert M. Drake, a Miami based writer.

Robert M. Drake Instagram

A sample of Robert’s work on Instagram

Basically every day he shares a quote or excerpt that he wrote on Instagram. I loved the idea of this because I liked how it challenged him to be creative every single day, and share his thoughts and writing with us. Some days his quotes are sad, some happy, sometimes they don’t follow any specific theme, but the simplicity and the idea around this inspired me.

I thought this would be an excellent way for me to personally challenge myself daily. Some days I can write article after article, and other days I couldn’t even form a sentence if I wanted to, so I thought this would be a way to help me get my creative juices flowing.

Each day at some point I will be posting an original quote or passage. I’m hoping I am able to keep up with this but I’m pre-warning that there may be days I’m away, not by a computer, or unable to post for whichever reason.

My posts won’t follow a specific theme, at least not intentionally, and some will be much more personal than others. I also don’t plan to keep all my posts typewriter style like Robert does in his, but hopefully I will find inspiring, different ways to display them throughout this journey.

This is a personal challenge for me, but I wanted to make it public so you could follow along and be a part of it, so from here I ask you one favour; follow my new Instagram page and follow along with my journey.

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