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How to Grow your Facebook Community Organically

By Lauren | August 11, 2014 | 0 Comment

You have developed a Facebook fan page for your business, or organization and now you’re not really sure how to move past the 5 page likes and bring your fan page to the next level. Facebook is becoming more and more a paid platform and to reach optimal results you are going to need to start allocating some budget to your page, but have no fear because there are still some ways to build your Facebook fan page organically that I’m going to share with you.
Spread the Word No one is going to know your Facebook page exists unless you tell them and spread the word about it. Share your Facebook page on ALL your platforms – your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, website etc. Add it in your profile descriptions on your other social platforms; include it in your signature in all your emails. If you have an email newsletter, share the news with your community that you just joined Facebook. Another way to spread the word is to create a post on relevant Facebook pages and groups with your link to your page. You shouldn’t be doing this on competitors pages, but think of some groups or companies that may have the same target or people that would be interested in what you’re offering. The more places you share it and spread it, the better results you’ll get, but make sure you aren’t spamming anyone and are providing context around just sharing your Facebook link.
Invite your Friends Facebook allows you to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. Although these invitations easily get in your notifications, it is a great way to try and gain a few more likes from your pre-existing friends. Remember, it’s not suggested to invite every single friend on your Facebook, unless of course your business/organization would benefit him or her or provide them value.
Like Other Pages
As a Facebook page, you can go and like other Facebook pages too! Make sure you set your ‘Use Facebook as’ to your fan page and go seek out other relevant pages. This doesn’t mean go like your competitors. Seek out pages like your cities page, other related businesses that may have the same target market, etc. An example of this: If I’m a fan page for a charity run in Toronto, I may go like local gyms, running groups, the City of Toronto etc.
Run a Contest Host a contest that your community can only enter via your Facebook page. Let them know that the only way they can win is if they “like” your page. Try to think of a great prize, service or experience you can offer to the winner that will really motivate people to enter. You can also create a contest through a free plug-in on your fan page that will appear in the ‘tabs’ header of your fan page. Many companies do this, where people can’t enter the contest or access the contest until they’ve liked the page.
Create Great Content  This is an important one! People aren’t going to like your page unless they know they are going to be receiving valuable content. Make sure that you are sharing content and encouraging engagement through your posts that will add value to your community. Don’t forget to include a photo on your posts! This will look much more visually appealing and eye catching in your community’s news feed.
Get Everyone to Share The more people you have sharing your content, the more your page is going to show up in newsfeeds. Get your employees, staff, friends & pre-existing customers on board to share your posts. This will help you reach the optimal amount of people outside of those that already like your page. If you don’t have a solid group of people that can help you share your posts, offer some sort of incentive for them to do so. Last but not least, be patient. It’s going to take time to build up your Facebook page. Stay consistent and committed to your page and soon you will begin to see those likes climb.
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