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What’s the Benefit of Hiring a Social Media Professional?

By Lauren | December 1, 2014 | 0 Comment

It’s safe to say that basically everyone and their Grandma has jumped on the social media bandwagon. With social media being such a popular form of media, and relatively new in comparison to traditional media platforms, many people don’t even know how to properly use it to accelerate their business. The other problem to this is that many people think that if they have personal social media channels then they know how to manage their company’s social channels.

Hiring a social media professional to join your marketing team (or team in general if you’re too small for a marketing team) can bring you many rewards and benefits. Here’s just some:

Constantly Monitoring

A social media person is dedicated to constantly monitor your businesses social media channels. On top of that they’re monitoring conversations that are happening surrounding your brand, and industry. This can be very helpful for attracting new clients, drawing attention, building relationships, and also   seeing what’s happening trend-wise surround yourself and your industry.


If you don’t have a specific person in charge of social, it’s hard to find the consistency in your social media presence. More than likely you have multiple people jumping on your page to update in different voices, tones, and with different personalities. You may even go days without updating your social media at all because you get caught up in doing other things that appear to be more pressing or important. A social media professional can bring forward consistency with your brand, brand image, voice, and tone that you’d like portrayed.

Stop depending on others

Hiring someone completely dedicated to your social media efforts will take that burden off of everyone else’s shoulders. Often places that don’t have a dedicated social media guru, leave the social media in the hands of various other people in the organization that have their own jobs to be busy with. Having a social media pro can stop you from worrying about so-and-so updating your pages, and monitoring them, and allows for everyone to stay on task with their own work.

Your own guru/expert

Not everyone is well-versed on social media. In fact, most people aren’t at all! By having a social media pro as part of your team it’s like having your own expert to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and even get to teach all your staff the proper usage of social media. Hiring a social person can allow for not just the development of your business but also all your staff.

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