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Celebrating Holidays on Social Media

By Lauren | October 6, 2014 | 0 Comment

Celebrating holidays on social media can be a tricky business. Not everyone shares the same believes, or celebrate the same holiday’s as you or your company does, so how can you be sure to celebrate holidays the right way?

Here’s some tips for celebrating the RIGHT way:

Be Sensitive 

Realize that not everyone is in tune with the same events and holiday’s as you are. Many people stay clear from celebrating holiday’s at all via social media because in order to be inclusive, you suddenly feel the need to post about EVERY holiday for every religion, and culture. Be sensitive to the fact that not everyone shares the same beliefs. If you are going to celebrate via social media, be careful of wording and try and make it inclusive.

For example: Merry Christmas can become Happy Holiday’s or instead of posting Happy Easter, you can wish everyone a great long weekend and ask how they’re spending/celebrating.

Be Aware

Be aware of other holidays that people in your target market may be celebrating. If you know that your target market includes a large amount of Chinese customers, remember that they celebrate Chinese New Year. Being aware about these things that are happening can show that your more in tune with your target, and also sensitive to what they have going on.

Don’t Go Overboard 

There’s nothing more annoying to those that don’t celebrate the same holidays as you to be bombarded with posts revolving around that holiday. If I didn’t celebrate Christmas and your social feeds ONLY consist of Christmas things for a month, I may feel obligated to unfollow/unlike you.

It’s important to keep things low key and not to over the top. You don’t want to overwhelm others. Another tip is to make sure you stay clear of anything that involves pushing religion on others. Even though most of our holiday’s are technically religious, you don’t need to quote God on Christmas, etc.

So what are some ways you can celebrate the holiday’s on your social media, here’s some ideas: 

1. Change your cover photo on your social sites, or your display picture to be more festive.
2. Alter your logo. I used to love altering the Sheridan email to include something festive like a holiday hat, bunny ears, etc.
3. Run a contest! What a perfect time of year to host a contest based around or celebrating the holiday. Try to think of something everyone could participate in, even if they aren’t necessarily celebrating that holiday.
4. Educate others. This is a great way to teach those that may not celebrate about the traditions of your holiday’s and why we celebrate them.
5. Share photos or support a cause. Having a staff party or getting involved with a local charity for the holidays? Share this with your network!



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