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How to Grow Your Pinterest

By Lauren | April 6, 2018 | 0 Comment

Pinterest can be an incredibly underrated social media platform in my opinion. It can be a super valuable tool for you and your business, especially if your business is visually appealing (weddings, food, travel, etc.). and if your primary target market is women under the age of 34. I mean, there are lots of brands and businesses that don’t belong on Pinterest but many that will find great success on the platform.

On my travel blog, Twirl The Globe, the primary social channel I get the most clicks to my website from is Pinterest, and here are some of the ways I’ve found that help grow that success in terms of attracting followers but also spreading your pins further.

Group boards

Group boards can be a little annoying to find but can give you a ton of success. Essentially a group board is a board that multiple people belong to and can pin pins too. This can help your pins go even further and get in front of more peoples eyes versus only pinning on your own boards. You can take a look at this list to help you get started on finding groups boards in your niche. What I usually do is pin my pin on one of my boards and then go and pin it across all the related group boards.

Make pin-able images

If you are pinning a blog post, ensure that the images in your blog can be pinned. You can download a simple plugin if you’re using WordPress called “Pinterest Pin It Button For Images” which essentially will allow people to pin any of your images by simply hovering over it and hitting the “Pin It” icon that appears. Since my layout for my blog primarily uses horizontal photos which isn’t ideal for Pinterest, I include a vertical/Pinterest size photo at the bottom of my post so people can easily pin that.

Note: The ideal sizes for a Pinterest pin image is: I use Canva to create mine because they have easy-to-use templates!


Just like any social media platform, engaging with other users can be extremely valuable for getting yourself and your pins out there. Comment on pins of peoples that are related to your niche, re-pin pins from other people on your boards and follow other people in your niche. This will help get your page out there more and help increase your visibility.

Think about where you’re linking

Linking to the home page of your businesses website isn’t going to do anything but frustrate users. If you are sharing a product, link directly to it. If you are sharing a blog post, link directly to it. You want the content to be as valuable as possible for the user.

Pinterest doesn’t have to be a complicated platform to crack. It can be pretty easy to boost your performance on it and what I find is it may not look like your noticeably growing your page, because your followers may not spike tremendously, but when you look at your Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming to your website, if done correctly, you’ll see a noticeable difference between what social networks are driving your traffic.


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