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How to Have a Great LinkedIn Business Page

By Lauren | June 17, 2014 | 2 Comment

Many people don’t see the benefits of not just having a LinkedIn business page for their company, but having a great one. The reasoning for this is that often LinkedIn falls short in importance when compared to many of the other social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, but for many industries a great LinkedIn page is just as important and valuable.

It is one thing to have a company LinkedIn page, and it’s another thing to know how to make a great one. In this post I will take you through some of my tips for optimizing your LinkedIn page and getting the most out of LinkedIn for your business.

Great LinkedIn Company Page1. Branding

This may be a no brainer for many people but often companies fall short of this small but very important detail. The branding of your LinkedIn company page should be in line with everything else your company does. Make sure to include your company logo as your ‘display picture’, a catchy related image for your page header, and the name of your page should be in line with your company. Make sure you don’t use short forms that many people wouldn’t know to search.

For example: If Sheridan Student Union is your organization name, don’t put SSUI as your company page title. The only people who will know to search that is your employees.

2. Descriptions & Wording

Make sure to also include a relevant and informative description of your page. Even if you feel that people will know exactly who you are and what you do, it’s still important to include this for the people who may not be aware. It is also important to make sure to fill in all the blanks when creating a business page. LinkedIn allows you to include your specialities, industry, website, address, company size, etc. Fill these out to make sure your page is fully optimized, and descriptive for your audience.

Great LinkedIn ContentRemember, lots of prospective employees search your LinkedIn page, you want to be able to give them a good idea of your company right off the bat.

3. Content is Key

Just like any other platform, content is key for LinkedIn as well. Make sure you don’t throw your LinkedIn page to the sidelines when it is created. You probably don’t want to be sending out updates as frequently on LinkedIn as you do with Twitter but daily updates are strongly encouraged.

Create engaging, unique content for your audience. Use your LinkedIn to showcase some of your work you’ve done, help you promote initiatives you have happening, or even just to share useful resources that you found online. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they create a business page on LinkedIn and think, “That’s It!”. LinkedIn should get the attention that say your Facebook page gets.

LinkedIn Careers Page4. We’re Hiring

LinkedIn allows for you to post positions you have available within your company right through your business page. Utilize this! Having a careers page will draw people to your LinkedIn profile, and will increase the chances of them following your page. LinkedIn is a huge job resource for professionals, and this will be a huge draw to your followers.

5. Promote your Existence

Just like any other new platform, make sure your promote your brand new LinkedIn page. People are not necessarily going to actively seek out your page on LinkedIn, unless of course they are a major brand advocate, so let them know you existent. Use your other social networks to share the news that you are now on LinkedIn and your fans should follow you there. Also, ad a ‘follow us’ link on your website too!

6. Get your Employees on Board Great LinkedIn Business Page

The best part about LinkedIn is that your employees can help promote your page easily, and without much commitment. Once you are on LinkedIn your employees can link your page to their “experience” on their profile. As oppose to previously when they wrote that they worked for you, but you couldn’t click the business name to find out more. This is probably one of the easiest things you can get your staff to do, and after your page is linked to their profile, you’ve now increased the chances of people coming to your page!

7. Analyze

Last but least, analyze your page. LinkedIn offers free analytics just like Facebook offers Facebook insights. Use this to see what is working, and what’s not working. Track the reach and engagement on your posts, and see what types of posts are attracting people enough that they follow you after seeing it.



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wow, its very inspiring, thank you.


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    Hi Raphael! I'm glad you found it helpful :)

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