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How to Win Contests

By Lauren | October 13, 2014 | 0 Comment

I’ve been one of those people who is lucky enough to have won quite a few things in my lifetime, but the majority of my wins have come over the last couple of years. I constantly get the question, “how do you win so many contests” and the jealousy of my friends is obvious when I win concert tickets, prize packs, and other goodies. The truth of the matter is, it’s not that difficult to win contests, and so many people just say, “I never win anything” but the truth is, they don’t try to win anything.

So here it is, my tricks of the trade that have allowed me to be pretty lucky, and win some awesome prizes!

1. Search for contests

First and foremost, if you wait around for contests to come to you, chances are you will only hear about or see the HUGE contests that get the most amount of entrants. Although I encourage you to also enter these contests, since they are more than likely hosted by fortune 500 companies, and have many entrants, your chances are pretty slim to win these types of contests. Like I said, you should still enter them, because I have still had luck with huge brands like Corona!

A good place to search for contests is through social media. Follow brands on Facebook, and seek out contests on Twitter. Usually I enter into the search field on Twitter, “RT to win”, “enter to win”, or am a bit more region specific since contests are often only available for certain countries or regions. So I may search, “RT to win Toronto” or “Enter to win Canada”. Sometimes I even seek out specific contests to things I’d really like to go to but can’t afford, like Boots N’ Hearts, or other music festivals, and concerts.

Tip: Many companies are very seasonally based for contests. Often you’ll find many more contests during summer seasons, Christmas, etc.

2. Read the eligibility and rules

Although you probably want to skip over all the eligibility and rules, this could be the main reason you never have luck with contests. Make sure you are actually eligible to win the contest. Often they are created for residents of specific regions, or you must follow specific rules for your entry to qualify, like following the account on Twitter. There also may be a line about how often you can enter. Some contests let you enter daily or weekly to help increase your chances!

Tip: Some contests allow you to enter once on every social media channel. Do it! Enter on Twitter, Facebook, and anything else it allows you to!

3. Enter contests 
This is pretty straight forward. If you want to win contests, you’re going to have to enter them. If you enter one contest in your life and you don’t win, that doesn’t make you an unlucky person. Enter contests, as much as you can! The more contests
you enter, the more of a chance you have to win! Enter contests that you may not even want the prize, sometimes they are transferable and you can surprise and delight your friends or family.

Tip: If you’re bored or have some spare time, sit down and seek out & enter a bunch of contests at once. Doing this once in awhile will help increase your chances!

I’ve been fortunate enough to win several contests in the last few years by doing the above things. I’ve won small things like prize packs, to huge things like music festival VIP packages. I’ve even made money off of entering contests because sometimes I can’t make it to the events I win contests for, so I sell the tickets to someone that can use them!

So I leave you with a big GOOD LUCK and happy contest entering!




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