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Job Application Myths – What Really Isn’t Important?

By Lauren | September 29, 2014 | 0 Comment

What do you need to include in your job application, and what can you pitch? Here’s some advice on things that aren’t always going to make or break your application.

Cover Letter

Many people would argue this point, but I’m a firm believer that if the position doesn’t request that you submit a cover letter, don’t. This definitely isn’t going to make or break your application, unless of course your cover letter is horrible, so it is entirely up to you on whether you choose to include one. Make sure you read the job description clearly to make sure that if someone does ask you to submit a cover letter, you do.


You may be a firm believer that having an objective at the top of your resume is mandatory, but this is an old school myth. An objective is not mandatory at all, if you are applying for the job, it’s pretty safe to assume your objective is to land that specific position. There’s no need to reinstate that.


It’s great that you were involved in dance, hockey, or kung fu fighting, but your hobbies and interests really aren’t necessarily relevant to the position. Unless of course you are applying to a job directly related to your hobbies. For example, if I was applying to the National Ballet of Canada, I’d probably want to mention somewhere that I competitively danced my whole life. Once again this isn’t going to make or break your resume, but if you need extra space for more important stuff, delete it.

High School

Once you reach post-secondary education, no one really cares what high school you went too. If you got to college or university, they know you graduated high school and really that is all that matters. So save some room on your resume to elaborate on something more important, and let go of your high school days.


There may be some industries that this is important, but the majority of the time it isn’t. Sure it is great you were an honour roll student, but that doesn’t mean someone with a C+ average isn’t as qualified or better for the job than you. Yes I do include that I graduate with honours or high honours on my resume, but only because it fits nicely with my layout. This isn’t something that’s mandatory, and isn’t something employers are going to necessarily care about.

Do you have some tips for things to leave out or include in your job application? Comment below! 

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