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10 Stories of Kick-Ass Canadian Entrepreneurs

By Lauren | February 29, 2016 | 0 Comment

Working at an organization that finances and supports young entrepreneurs, I get to meet and see a lot of cool businesses and entrepreneurs come through our doors. As a content creator for our organization, one of the most rewarding things is getting to tell the inspiring stories of these entrepreneurs. Here are just some my colleagues and I have written over the last year that stood out.

1) Kayley & Kyle of Wear Your Label

Creating conversations around mental health through fashion—these two entrepreneurs are taking the fashion world by storm, and in the best possible way. I met Kyle at our Action Entrepreneurship Summit my work hosted last year and was instantly blown away by the concept and inspiration behind his business, Wear Your Label.

Read their story here.

2) Richa of Good Food For Good

Richa produces fresh, local and artisanal food products such as delicious Indian sauces, and for each item sold, she donates a meal to help fight world hunger in countries like India. Her business name couldn’t be more fitting.

Watch Richa’s story here.

3) Shawn & Garrett of 9 Mile Legacy Brewing

Now like many people, I’m a beer fan, but that’s not necessarily what I found so unique about this pair of entrepreneurs. What makes this business so incredible is the family history between these two which assisted in them formulating their partnership for 9 Mile Legacy. Their families have been farming next to each other for years, always having businesses overlapping, which made this partnership seem natural.

Read their story here.

4) Charles & Kevin of LlamaZOO

Technology never ceases to amaze me, and LlamaZOO is doing something so innovative and cool I found it mind-blowing when I wrote their story. LlamaZOO develops educational software that uses 3D technology to make learning about things like anatomy easier and more interactive in schools. Some things are just too hard to learn from textbooks, and LlamaZOO is definitely going to change the way of learning.

Read their story here.

5) Alex of Crik Nutrition

We live in a world where we can regularly ask: “How did someone think of that?” and that’s definitely the case with Crik Nutrition—a business that uses crickets to develop a highly nutritious and natural protein powder. Weird? Definitely! Smart and innovative? 110%. Not to mention, Alex, the founder of Crik Nutrition was named one of the world’s hottest start-ups. How cool is that?

Read his full story here. 

6) Katelyn & Calee of Vendeve

Vendeve is an online referral network that connects women entrepreneurs/freelancers and helps female entrepreneurs help others and build relationships. As a freelancing gal, I have to give props to fearless females making our lives easier.

Read her full story here.

7) Nathon of Tailor2Go

Another one of those businesses you look at and think: “That is absolutely brilliant!”. Nathon of Tailor2Go has completely personalized the shopping experience. He brings a mobile truck to shoppers, which inside, scans your body shape, and allows you to completely personalize your custom-made suit. Literally a tailor on the go.

Read his full story here.

8) Kristin of The Beatnik Bus

I’m all about food trucks—but retail trucks are even cooler. The Beatnik Bus is a mobile record store that drives around Alberta delivering the sweet sounds of vinyl. I love how quirky and awesome this idea is.

Read her full story here.

9) Andrew of Mint Ultimate

What’s so inspiring about Andrew who started Mint Ultimate, a company that makes ultimate frisbee gloves, is that Andrew started his business while he was still a university student. In fact, he was so dedicated to starting his own business, he snuck into his first entrepreneurship class which was probably his best decision of his life.

Read his full story here.

10) Megan of The Green Kiss

What inspired Megan to create a shop and online store selling eco-friendly and natural cosmetic products was her background working in an eco-friendly shop when she was younger, and the large amounts of makeup that she piled on her face as a performer (something I can relate to when I used to competitively dance). I love a company that makes being environmentally conscious easier for people!

Read her full story here.

Cheers to these ten awesome entrepreneurs!


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