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Local Public Eatery Review

By Lauren | August 27, 2014 | 0 Comment

Local Public Eatery - Liberty VillageAs a fellow Liberty Village/Parkdale resident, I have been wanting to try the newest pub/restaurant in the area, Local Public Eatery. Local is located at 171 East Liberty Street and just recently opened at the end of July. I have tried to get a table there a couple different nights, including the night they opened but it is a popular new place and often packed. They don’t accept reservations, and since I have no patience I usually am not willing to wait 30 minutes or more for a table. This past Saturday I finally had a chance to try the place out for brunch.

Since Local seems to be busier for lunch and dinner, I assumed that their brunch would just be average and they’d be more known for their lunch/dinner items, but I was definitely wrong. Their brunch was delicious, moderately priced and the atmosphere is one that you can’t find in many places.Local Public Eatery - Liberty Village

The whole design of the bar is very rustic, country themed. They have wine on tap in big barrels, a place to play botchi ball, a great patio, and a huge drink menu with several different types of drinks that will please anyone (including daily drink specials).

I had the breakfast margarita, which sure was a kick for 11am in the morning. It consisted of fresh juices and tequila, plus it came in a boot! For food I had the banana pancakes. They came with bacon, and a little shot of yogurt smoothie. These pancakes were to die for. They were full of bananas, and almost tasted like banana bread. Highly recommended!

My sister and her friend got caesars that also came in a boot and were delicious. They put Local Public Eatery - Liberty Villagehorseradish in their caesars which many places don’t include, giving it a delicious kick.

The atmosphere of Local was so fun, and the food and drinks were delicious. We wanted to come back later to try more of their different drinks they had on their menu, but unfortunately we have been unable to get a seat in the afternoon, and dinner hour. I’m hoping one day I’ll luck out and get a chance to go back and try some of their other menu items and drinks.

This place is definitely giving other places in the area stiff competition. It’s nice to see a place open up in Liberty Village that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, or require you to dress in stiletto heals and fancy dresses to fit in. Excited to see this place continue to be a success in the area!


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