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How to Make your Employees Social

By Lauren | November 17, 2014 | 0 Comment

How can you get your colleagues and staff to be as excited about social media as you are? How can you get them to be sharing your message, and become brand advocates for everything you are promoting and pushing?

Lets face it, not everyone sees the value in social or is as social media savvy as you’d hope they would be but there’s some easy ways to start to get your employees and colleagues on board with social media.

Here’s some tips:

Teach them 

Not everyone knows how to use social media. It’s shocking, I know! So use this as an opportunity to train those willing to learn. I can almost guarantee that there’s people in your organization who would love to spread your message around but just don’t know where to start. Provide 101 sessions for newbies, and for those that aren’t necessarily entirely new to the social realm, provide Q&A sessions to help them with their specific questions or inquiries.

Don’t have time to run sessions? Provide “how-to” guides and tutorials online for employees to access at anytime.

Show them the potential and benefits

If you’re working with people that just don’t get the point of social, and don’t feel like them tweeting out your message will make any difference, prove to them that it will! Show them and breakdown results, facts, statistics, whatever you can find to prove your case. Once they realize they CAN make an impact, they’ll feel more obligated and encouraged too!

Do the work for them

Many people just simply don’t have the time to sit there and craft a message that will deliver exactly what you are asking for. So make it extra easy for them by providing them with easy copy and paste templates. Every time you launch a campaign, send over some sample tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn messages that they can copy and paste to their own pages. Let them know that they are allowed to craft their own messages too, but if they don’t have time, all they have to do is paste and press send!

Praise those that use it

People aren’t just going to adopt a social mindset overnight. Have incentives and praise those that help you out by sharing your message. Run contests, or give your employees/colleagues a REASON to want to be social about your organization. If they find it fun, they won’t even feel like they’re doing any work! PLUS they may even begin to see the fun they can have on social and continue to use it without your help!

By following these simple steps, your company can slowly become more and more social. Your brand advocates are sitting right in your office, so take advantage of that!

Have other tips to encourage your employees to become more social? Leave a comment! 


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