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Setting Sail with Monsoon Coolers

By Lauren | July 21, 2014 | 2 Comment

It is not every day that you get to sail away on a sailboat around Toronto with 10 other people, free alcohol and great company. That is why this Sunday was one of the best Sunday’s I’ve had in a while.Monsoon Coolers Sail

I won a contest to sail away with Monsoon Coolers around Toronto harbor for a 2-hour cruise. I was allowed to bring one other guest with me, and we set sail at 1:30pm on Sunday. I was worried the weather wouldn’t hold out for us and we would get rained out, but luckily the sun came through the clouds just in time foMonsoon Coolersr our 2 hour cruise.

We boarded the boat at Cabana Poolbar where we waited for the sailboat to arrive, and for Monsoon’s brand ambassadors to meet us. Once they arrived we were escorted on to the boat, which was a gorgeous medium-sized sailboat with colourful branded Monsoon Cooler sails.

We hoped on the boat and were immediately provided with the option of either the Guava Melon or Coconut Pineapple flavor of their coolers. After a quick safety talk before we set sail, we were soon sailing the Toronto harbor with gorgeous views of the city skyline.Monsoon Coolers Titanic

Our brand ambassadors, Jess & Zach didn’t let our drinks get empty and our captain was very nice and entertaining. He even had a pirate hat and hook we could take pictures with. He also let us do the classic Titanic picture on the front end of the boat (which was also terrifying).

Overall we had a great day. My friend and I had never heard of Monsoon Coolers until this day and both of the flavours we tried were delicious and refreshing. Especially the Guava Melon! I will definitely purchase these in the future.

What a great promotion for a brand that’s just starting out in the competitive spirits industry. I wish I could sail away on their sailboat every weekend. For those of you that have maybe overindulged on Palm Bay’s one too many times, and haven’t found a tasty alternative for a cooler, check out this brand in the LCBO!


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21 September, 2014 Reply

great blog Lauren would you care to share it on our trip advisor site too



    15 October, 2014 Reply

    Hi Howie,

    Please send along the link to your tripadvisor site and I'll add it in :)



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