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Must-Have WordPress Plugins

By Lauren | April 7, 2015 | 0 Comment

I currently host both this blog and website, and my travel blog on WordPress. Over my last 1-2 years of using WordPress, I’ve played around with a lot of different plugins to get my page to do what it does now. There are so many great WordPress plugins, which makes WordPress such a competitive content management and website system. These are just a few that I swear by and feel that every WordPress user should have on their website or blog.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is a plugin I have installed on both my blogs. This plugin allows for you to easily add in important search engine optimization components through every post that you make on your website and blog, including photos. The All in One Plugin lets you skip having to try and use HTML coding to add in keywords, headings, and other aspects. Instead, there’s a simple to use form below every post.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Screenshot of the All in One SEO Pack



Sucuri Security

On my travel blog I was having issues with malware and hackers logging in and attacking my website. Other than changing my password and login profiles, I added this plugin to my blog to help with my security. Not only can you run malware scans, there are other components to this plugin that allow you to make your website more secure (some free and some paid).

The key reason I have this plugin, is it allows you to track all the activity that happens on your site, and sends you emails when something is changed or someone logs in. This is really helpful if you get a notification that someone has successfully logged in and/or edited your site, and it’s not you. It’s also helpful if you are getting a lot of emails saying there were failed login attempts, as usually this tells you someone is trying to attack your website. I love this plugin as it makes me feel like I have an eye on my website at all times.

Sucuri Plugin

Screenshot of Sucuri Alert


Pinterest Pin It Button

This plugin is pretty self explanatory. Make the images on your blog posts and your website easily pinable on Pinterest by adding these “pin it” buttons that appear when you hover over images in your posts. This is a great tool to have on your blog, as it helps increase the chances of people sharing your post through Pinterest. This may not be a goal of yours, especially if your target market isn’t mainly women (since that’s who uses Pinterest the most), but any plugin that makes sharing easy, is always a plus for your readers and you.

Pin It Plugin

Screenshot of Pin It


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

The goal of any blog or website should be to keep your readers on your site as long as possible. At least in my opinion. This plugin automatically generates related posts to the post you are creating, and will list (with photos) the 3 more relevant posts at the bottom of each of your new blog posts. This is a great tool to encourage readers to scroll and view some of your other content they may be interested in, which in turn will keep them on your page.

Related Posts Plugin

Screenshot of Yet Another Related Post Plugin



Another great plugin to add to your site to make your content easily sharable. Sociable is easily customizable and allows you to add social sharing buttons on your website and blog posts. This will make it quick and easy for people wanting to share your content across a variety of different social platforms.

Sociable Plugin

Screenshot of sample Sociable buttons


Do you have a favourite WordPress plugin? Share in the comments below!


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