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My Fav Twitter Chats

By Lauren | September 22, 2014 | 0 Comment

In the last year or so I’ve really grown a liking to Twitter chats. I find that they provide an excellent opportunity to network with new people within your industry, offer your insight and hear other peoples insight, plus grow my following organically. There are hundreds of chats that happen on a daily basis. Way too many then anyone can really keep track of, but I’ve managed to find a few that I really like and try to attend when I can!

#GetRealChat – Tuesday’s 9:00pm

Hosted by Pam Moore this chat covers just about everything surrounding the marketing world. From social business, media, leadership, ROI, relationships and life! The best part of this chat? It’s one of the few hosted in the evenings so you don’t have to worry about missing it when you have to work!

#IABCTOchat – Thursday’s 8:30pm

This one only takes place from September-June. I love this chat because you see and interact with a lot of students in the industry, which is a great place for them to learn from  you and for you to learn from them. Covering topics surrounding mentoring, communications, marketing, etc.

#SproutChat – Wednesday’s 3:00pm

One of the more busy chats that I take part in. This chat is hosted by the social media management software company, Sprout Social. Topics for this chat are surrounding all sorts of topics from specific social networks, marketing, social media in different industries, and more. This chat is excellent for networking and we usually have a lot of fun with one another!  Join their Google + community to learn about the topic each week.

#S4Lsocial – Wednesday’s 12:00pm

Although S4L stands for “Sales for Life” this Twitter chat doesn’t just include chats about sales and selling. This chat attracts quite a large audience and has chats surrounding all different aspects of marketing and social. For example, last weeks chat was about content curation and creation.

#AWchat – Tuesday’s 1:00pm

A recently discovered chat for me and one I like for the reason that it is a bit different then the others I mentioned above. The last one I attended we chatted about advertisements that shocked and delighted us (or disgusted us). This chat allows for the more creative side of advertising to come out, and also is more advertising specific as oppose to broader topics about all things marketing.

Honorable mentions:

Can’t keep track of all the chats? Check out this awesome calendar that was sent my way ironically during a Twitter chat! Also, follow Chat Salad, a Twitter account that sends out friendly reminders of chats that are happening and about to start.




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