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My Favourite Job Search Sites

By Lauren | September 15, 2014 | 2 Comment

I often get the question about which websites I use to find jobs, so I thought I’d do a quick post to inform you of some of the sites that I have done the majority of my job hunting (when I’m looking). Hopefully this post will help you in your quest to find employment!

www.workincWork in

Work in Culture is a website dedicated to mainly job positions in the arts, and non-profit industries. Their positions range from volunteer, part-time, to full-time, and contact. The reason I like this website a lot for job searching is because these particular industries appeal to me, especially in the marketing and social media realm because I feel like often these industries give you the opportunity to do a lot more, and gain more experience than some other industries.

This website also weeds out the bulk posts, and junk or spam postings. It is also clear from recruiters postings which makes searching a lot easier and enjoyable.


Charity Village is similar to Work in Culture as the majority of the job postings are surrounding the non-profit industry. The reasoning behind liking this website is solely based on the same reasons I listed above. Especially the fact that they don’t have many or any at all spam postings, or postings by recruiters!


LinkedIn has to be my number one choice for job hunting. It is the most professional platform of any, and you will hardly ever see posts by third parties or recruiters. They also have great targeting so I often see posts that are directly to me, and offer great premium features to job seekers that let me see how I stand among other applicants that have applied.

Also, I find LinkedIn’s application process to be way easier than many job search sites, I rarely have technical difficulties and the whole user experience is enjoyable.


Indeed is the one job search site that probably is often forgotten about because competitors like Workopolis and Monster are more recognized by job seekers. I’ve had more luck on Indeed than any other similar site. I hate Workopolis and Monster as I don’t feel the majority of their job postings are helpful, or they are duplicates, or recruiters, etc.

Indeed eliminates that a lot and I love the ability that every time you visit the site from the same computer it’ll tell you how many new jobs have been posted since your last visit.

Although Simply Hired doesn’t beat out Indeed, it still is another great job search site that is often forgotten about. Way better option then your Workopolis and Monster and I’ve gotten some great results by searching and using Simply Hired.


Since I am a Twitter junkie, it’s no surprise that I have job hunted on Twitter as well. Usually I follow quite a few different job related Twitter accounts, plus agencies in my industry who will often tweet about openings. I also do regular Twitter searches that contain keywords and related fields to the type of job, and location I’m looking for. Check out one of my past articles on how to use Twitter to help in your job hunt. 

If you have any additional suggestions of websites you enjoy using, please share them in the comment field!

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18 September, 2014 Reply

I've heard good things about Glassdoor for job postings and company/salary reviews and Eluta for curating job postings from several sites.


    19 September, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions Liz!

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