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My Favourite Student Union Videos

By Lauren | April 11, 2014 | 0 Comment

Over the almost 2 years I’ve worked at Student Union I’ve had many opportunities to work with an amazing team of students to develop some awesome, fun & some embarrassing videos. I thought I’d recap some of my favs.

What is Sheridan Student Union?

This video was based of an idea from an about us page I saw for another company + a video I saw for another Student Union. We worked with our videographer & an animation student at Sheridan to develop a unique and easy to understand overview of what the heck Student Union is. Not to mention I think it does a great way of encompassing the creativity at Sheridan.

Spirit Day

This video was created for the promotion of Spirit Day for LGBTQ Month on campus. The reason I love this video so much is all these people in the video were simply volunteers who came in on their free time to help us create this video. At Sheridan it’s often hard to get volunteers to commit to things and follow-through with the project, so it was great to see an amazing group of students be so passionate about one of our initiatives.


Yes I realize this video is incredibly embarrassing but what I liked the most about it is how ridiculous it is. We picked 3 random students that worked for us, 2 of the 3 had no experience singing (as you can tell) and create a music video from scratch. Obviously I’m no music video producer, nor was our videographer but I think what we came up with was humorous and although embarrassing, it’s still a video that gets talked about around our office constantly.

Harlem Shake

We jumped on the bandwagon of this annoying trend right when it was on it’s peak. What made this video so amazing? All these students in this video come from our Brampton campus, where we have little to no buy-in from any of those students for any of our events or initiatives. They come to school and go home, and are there for one thing – to study! I threw this idea out on our social media & recruited these people to come out for this video with full expectations that maybe 5 people would show up. The participation and excitement from students blew us out of the water.

The Marquee Reno

This may seem like a strange video to be one of my fav but it’s actually a series of 4 videos for this campaign (view the other ones on the Sheridan Student Union YouTube page) Why did I like this campaign so much? This was my first project with Student Union. In fact, this campaign was the one that landed me a job with them. Lots of students we’re really into our slow release of hints and clues to what was happening to their campus pub while they were home for the summer. Our videographer, Hass, did an amazing job of the quality and execution of these videos and the overall campaign turned out to be really successful!


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