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My First Month With ClassPass

By Lauren | April 16, 2015 | 0 Comment

Recently ClassPass launched in Toronto. A new type of fitness membership that allows you to explore tons of different studios and classes in your area all for one monthly price. As soon as it launched, I was intrigued. I have always been a fitness class type of gal, and never one who likes just going to the gym to workout.

My issue in Toronto has been the cost of belonging to different studios or gyms, and how there was never one place that fit my wants and need. For example: I really love to dance, and do yoga, but I could never afford a membership to do both, and many yoga studios don’t fit well around my schedule. This is why ClassPass really appealed to me, and not only that, I was pleasantly surprised to find a mix of different classes and levels of classes for me to try out.

Over my one month trial I tried a variety of different yoga studios, and also a few dance classes. ClassPass allows you to be able to register for as many classes as you want throughout the month and I was impressed by the large amount that were available to you. There’s literally hundreds of different classes available, happening at every time frame and date you can imagine, making it really easy to work your workout schedule around your work and other commitments.

The location of the studios is just about everywhere in Toronto, there were even some in the GTA like Oakville, and Thornhill, although not areas that appeal to me, it gives you an idea of just how many studios and gyms belong to ClassPass. You are allowed to attend 3 classes each month at any one studio. Which doesn’t sound like many if you want to only do classes at certain studios, but it really works out because there is multiple studios offering similar classes. For example: If you like barre classes, there is a few different studios you can choose barre classes from, so you’ll never have to worry about using up your 3 classes to one studio and not getting to do barre for the rest of the month.

To register for a class, you can use the easy to use, mobile-friendly website that lets you browse through any type of class, studio, or time frame throughout the day and reserve your spot in a class. Registration for classes will usually open up 1-week in advance so you can register for a class ahead of time. ClassPass also just launched a mobile app that makes keeping on track of your schedule super easy!

The main pitfall for me with ClassPass is the cancellation policy. If you can’t make it to a class,  you need to cancel your reservation 12 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged for that class. I understand why they do this but I find 12 hours to be a huge time frame, and a lot can happen in 12 hours that gets in the way of you attending a class. For example, you can easily come down with the flu within 12 hours and you’re now going to be charged for missing that class! The one nice part about this is that it holds you accountable, so if you’re like me that will just flake and be lazy and not go to the class, it actually forces you to stick to it.

Overall, I’ve decided to stick with ClassPass for another month. I’ve noticed that it is actually motivating me to sign-up and go to classes every week, because I feel more obligated to in order to get a good bang for my buck. Really the biggest downfall of this pass is the cancellation policy, otherwise I have really found this the best membership for people like me who are commitment-phobes like myself when it comes to gym and fitness memberships.

Update 2016: ClassPass has since increased their cost of their unlimited pass from $89 CDN to $170 CDN.


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