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Setting Your New Years Resolution and Goals

By Lauren | January 2, 2015 | 0 Comment

Setting your news years resolutions and goals for the year are often at times tough. Usually everyone is super ambitious at the beginning of a new year, and set big resolutions, to only realize half way through the year they don’t even remember what their resolution was. Here are some tips and advice for setting your goals for the new year the right way (and in a way that may actually lead you to accomplishing them).

Limit your goals and resolutions

This step is quite simple. Don’t create a list of 25 different goals for you to accomplish in one year. Instead look at the things you want to change and improve and choose a couple goals that you think you can work on throughout the year. You may even just want to choose one to work on if it’s a bigger goal that isn’t going to happen overnight. Try your best to not bite off more than you can chew, otherwise you won’t end up accomplishing any of your goals.

Write it down

Writing your goals down will help hold you more accountable. Write them in a journal, or better yet, write them somewhere that you will see them everyday like your desktop on your computer, or your fridge. This will be a constant reminder to you and help motivate you to keep on track.

Be realistic

Lets be real, you aren’t going to be able to accomplish things that are just too far-fetched to accomplish in a year. Try and make your resolutions realistic. You don’t want to make them too easy to accomplish but setting a goal that’s going to take much longer then a year to focus on is going to discourage you then do any good. If you do have a big goal you want to accomplish, try and break it down into multiple smaller goals or milestones to help make it more attainable over X amount of years.

Make a plan

Many people set a resolution January 1st and then don’t ever think about it again till it’s December 31 of that year. I’m guilty of it. To be honest, I don’t even remember that my new years resolution was for 2014. If you decide on a resolution, make a plan on how you’re going to accomplish it. Break it down by month to hold yourself more accountable and make your goal seem less intimidating. For example: If you want to quit smoking, maybe slowly decrease the amount you smoke each month.

By following these few steps when setting your goals and resolutions, this will help you hold yourself accountable, and actually feel accomplished at the end of the year (as oppose to forgetting about your resolutions like me).

What’s your new years resolution? Share below in the comments. 

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