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Do you think I’m a Notable professional? Vote now!

By Lauren | January 12, 2016 | 0 Comment


If you haven’t heard the news, I’ve been nominated for a Notable Award for social media in Ontario. I’m honoured to be nominated, but I need your help with voting (which is now open). To give you some background so you can make an educated vote, here’s what you need to know…

What is a Notable Award? is a popular Canadian online publication for young professionals. If you live in Canada—you’ve probably seen one of their articles pop up in your news feed without even realizing it. Each year, hosts their Notable Awards—awards that recognize and celebrate Millennial professionals in 32 different categories (from law to bartending).

How was I nominated?

Notable did a call for nominations a few months ago where anyone could nominate other professionals. After the call for nominations closed, a panel of judges selected who would move on to the voting round. This decision was made based on three things:

  • Apparent dedication to career and professional/personal development
  • Apparent involvement in and contribution to charity and community support
  • Apparent inspiration afforded to co-workers, employers, and community

Someone out there nominated me, and I guess I fit the bill for what the judging panel was initially looking for (an honour in itself).

Why I would love your vote:

For anyone that knows me, they know that I work my butt off. I work a full-time career in social media marketing at Futurpreneur Canada, a non-profit that helps young entrepreneurs start their own businesses across Canada, I am a freelance social media consultant and writer, and juggle multiple freelance clients outside of my full-time job, plus I run my own travel blog—Twirl The Globe. It’s hard to believe I have much time for anything other than work, but I somehow make time for friends, family, yoga and dance on top of everything.

Being nominated for this award is an award in itself. I’m sitting beside some extremely accomplished social media professionals that run their own businesses, have senior roles at companies that are household names, and are straight-up bad a$$. Looking at the nominees, I can’t help but seem somewhat undeserving, being only 3.5 years into my career, but then I remind myself how hard I’ve worked to get myself to where I am. I’ve always been a believer that when you want something bad enough, you have to make it happen for yourself, and that’s definitely how I’ve got myself to where I am today.

What’s cool about the Notable Awards is that when you look through the categories you see people from all walks of life. In the marketing industry alone, they seem to only recognize those that are working in big name agencies, or for Fortune 500 brands, rarely do you see the entrepreneur who’s running a one-man agency, or someone who is working in the non-profit sector. That’s what makes the Notable Awards so cool—they recognize all sorts of people from across Canada that are notable in very different ways.

I can’t say that I’m the BEST person to vote for (I don’t know that), but being nominated for this award alone is motivating me to continue to push to inspire others to achieve their goals and reach for the stars and having your vote, can help me do just that!

How do you vote?

Click here to vote in the social media category (you can find me under “Ontario”). You will be prompted to sign-up for their newsletter but you can easily click out of this and still vote. Voting is open until January 28th at 10:00am EST and you can vote once a day from all your different devices.

To vote in the other categories, click here. 

Want to help spread the word?

Here is a pre-written tweet that you can copy & paste:

My pal @MarinighPR is nominated for the #NotableAwards, I’ve voted, have you?


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