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The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Post

By Lauren | May 4, 2015 | 0 Comment

You have a great Facebook fan page set up, and now you’re wondering what you should be posting and what the best posts are to attract the most engagement. Developing the perfect Facebook post is not rocket-science, with taking these few things into consideration with each post you develop, you’ll be on the road to not only having a visually appealing fan page, but also garnering more success on Facebook overall.

The Body

People seem to get this idea that since there are unlimited characters allowed in a Facebook post, that you can make your messages as long as you want. The truth is, you most definitely can do this, but it isn’t going to be the most effective. Nobody wants to see a very long post when scrolling quickly through their Facebook feed.

A study showed that posts with 80 characters or less performed 66% better than those on Facebook that had more than 80 characters. Although 80 characters isn’t a lot, in fact it’s less than the 140 characters you are allowed on Twitter, keeping your posts short and sweet are best. Get straight to the point and entice your readers into clicking the link or call to action to learn more. If you provide all the information right up front, what is enticing them to click to learn more or visit your website?

Below is a great example of a short but sweet Facebook post. DavidsTea keeps the content short, tells the reader what they are about to click, and all at the same time adding a human voice behind their brand that a reader could relate too.

DavidsTea Sample Facebook Post

Call to Action

Do not skip having a call to action. Every Facebook post should include a link to lead your reader to where they can find more information. Facebook and social media should be used as a place to direct readers to your website, blog, a place where they can buy tickets, or learn more. Don’t leave your reader with no where to go after they read your post, otherwise your engagement will suffer. Your call to action doesn’t necessarily have to be as obvious as, “click here to learn more,” simply including a link can be good enough.

Below is an example of a Facebook post with a very clear call to action. The reader knows right away what they are going to click, and what you are wanting them to do.

Futurpreneur Facebook Post


Never, never, never, post a Facebook post without some sort of media attached. Media can range from a nice photo, a video, or even a link preview that is automatically generated from Facebook when you attach a link to a post. Media is what is going to make your post stand out. If you don’t have something eye-catching, nothing is going to stop your readers and fans from stopping on your update while scrolling through their news feed.

Below is an example of what a link preview looks like without attaching additional images or videos to your post. Note: not all link previews will look this great, if there are no photos on your website or page you are sharing, Facebook will have no photo to pull and display.

Wanderlust Facebook POstTime

Last but not least, consider the time you are posting anything on Facebook. If you view your “insights” that are available through a tab at the top of your business page, you’ll be able to figure out when the best time to post on your page is. When you click “insights,” then click on “posts” and the top chart will show you the best day of the week and the peak times for posting. Although this is just a guideline to follow, it’s always good to be aware of the times that your audience is most engaged to help with the success of your posts.

When to Post Facebook


By following these tips, your Facebook posts will be optimized to perform best. Do you have tips for Facebook page success? Share below in the comments!


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