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School – Review

By Lauren | March 4, 2015 | 0 Comment

School Restaurant Toronto

The Black N’ Blue Flapjacks

I’ve been wanting to write this review for awhile, since every great restaurant deserves a review in my opinion. School is one of my favourite brunch spots in the city and luckily one that sits in my neighborhood, Liberty Village.

What’s so great about this spot? First of all it has the cutest decor that goes with the school name. From the clocks on the wall, clipboard menus, apples on the table and getting served pitchers of drinks in beakers. When you receive your bill it even comes in a little report card envelope! They’ve done an excellent job of executing the theme throughout everything they do.

What should you order at School? Well I’ve been there quite a few times and therefore have had the chance to try a few different things on their menu. Some of my favourites that I’d recommend are:

School Toronto

Krispy Krunchy French Toast

The Black N’ Blue Flapjacks: A pile of delicious and moist blueberry pancakes topped with more berries, blueberry sauce and the delicious brown sugar butter on the side.

Krispy Krunchy French Toast: Two giant pieces of deliciously thick french toast that is coded in rice
krispies to add a crunch and coated in an orange marmalade. Sounds bizarre but this sure won’t disappoint!

Super Cheesey Bacon French Toast: The ultimate hangover cure. Cheesey french toast with bacon served with a side of fresh salad.

School Toronto

Super Cheesey Bacon French Toast

On top of these top three favourites of mine, I’ve also taste tested other peoples plates and I’ve yet to have anything I don’t enjoy. Some other favourites of people I’ve brought along with me is the Golden Hashbrown Poutine and the Pulled Pork Egg (which I just noticed isn’t on their online menu).

Another strongly recommended thing to try is their daily freshly squeezed juice. They always mix up a new concoction every morning and despite the cost being a bit steeper than your regular juice, it’s worth it!

So if you’re in the Liberty Village neighbourhood, or willing to make a trip for a delicious breakfast, you have to try School! Just keep in mind that this place gets busy and won’t seat your table until your whole party has arrived. Try and go first thing when they open to avoid long lineups.


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