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Terroni Queen – Review

By Lauren | February 2, 2015 | 0 Comment

Terroni TorontoA few weekends ago I had a chance to finally try out a restaurant I’ve wanted to try for a while, Terroni in Toronto (Queen location). My Mom and her friend were in town and put in charge of picking a place for dinner. Since my favourite food is Italian, I figured you couldn’t go wrong with this place (at least from viewing the menu online beforehand that’s what I gathered).

The restaurant itself was packed when we arrived on Saturday night for our 6:00pm reservation. We were glad we made a reservation as we heard the wait was upwards of 45 minutes without one. We were seated at a shared table with a couple, but this didn’t bother us much as it didn’t seem to be disturbing in any way.

We ordered a bottle of recommended white wine, they didn’t seem to have a “house wine” which made this a little pricier then we would normally like to spend. Our bottle of wine ended up being $60, which in reality with 3 people drinking, had we ordered glasses of wine it would have cost more.

We then ordered the Ricchia salad which was arugula, fresh mushrooms, ptarmigan shavings, and lemon. The salad was delicious to start but wasn’t very big if you were looking for a meal salad. They actually misunderstood us and brought us two by accident, but we ate them both between the 3 of us and weren’t too full for our main course.Terroni Toronto

For the main dish, I ordered Spaghetti in Canna a Mare, which was homemade spaghetti with fresh clams, mussels, calamari, scallops, shrimp and a light tomato sauce. This dish was absolutely delicious, and having had seafood pasta in Italy, I have pretty high standards. You could tell the noodles were freshly made and not frozen or from a bag, which really added to the taste, and the dish itself was only about $19, which isn’t bad for a seafood dish.

For dessert we ordered their homemade gelato which comes with 2 scoops and a cookie. I ordered vanilla and lemon gelato, and although it was a nice light dessert to slip between us, it didn’t quite taste as good as gelato in Italy. Although I have a pretty high standard for Italian food, so don’t let that stop you from trying it!

Overall the meal was delicious, not too badly priced (if you didn’t drink), and was an authentic Italian meal. I will definitely be returning again in the near future.

Cover Photo Credit: Terroni


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