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The Tools I Use The Most As a Social Media Manager (Part 2)

By Lauren | December 9, 2020 | 0 Comment

The social media tools I use the most as a social media manager.

I’ve written about the tools that I use the most as a social media manager before (link here), but that was a few years ago, and like anything, things change. Not only has my job changed since then, but also new tools come out, and new things prove to be more useful for different roles and tasks.

I thought I’d share with you today some of the tools I use the most frequently in my day-to-day life as a social media manager. So keep reading…


On my list back in 2018, and still my go-to years later. Canva is THE tool for when you need some quick graphic design work done but you aren’t a graphic designer. No, this doesn’t replace a designer completely, however, when you need something like a template for an Instagram story, or a quick crop of an asset, Canva is so useful.


Back in 2018, I was an avid Hootsuite user, however, that has changed over the years. I find every organization uses something different for their planning and scheduling of content. For me, I primarily use Later for both my professional life, plus my side projects like my podcast. I find this tool super easy to use, I love how you can preview what your feed will look like, and their free version includes quite a few posts in it for projects like my podcast where I don’t have a budget to pay for software.

Creator Studio

Second to Later, I also use Facebook’s Creator Studio a lot as well. This tool is designed by Facebook and allows you to pre-schedule all your content across both Facebook and Instagram for free. You don’t get the fancy tool to allow you to see your grid laid out, however, it’s free, it’s easy, and I’m sure Facebook/Instagram favours you in some capacity for scheduling through their own platform.


This is a freebie, basic app I found on the Apple App Store, and I use it a ton for making quick layouts for Instagram stories such as having four photos in one, etc. You can pay for extra features to make your stories look beautiful, but I just use it for the most basic things so I don’t find that necessary.


I always joke that this has to be the most basic website that gets so much traffic. This is legit just a search tool for all the emojis out there. When I’m writing copy on my computer, or copying and pasting things from documents that aren’t emoji-friendly into social platforms, I use this to fill in the emojis. This is a tool I’ve actually been using for years!

Facebook Business Manager

Another Facebook tool, as a social media manager, it’ll come at no surprise that I spend a lot of time in Business Manager. This is the tool you utilize all your paid promotions and analytics in. Of course in my job now I have a ton of different programs that allow me to track analytics, but this is the quickest, and it’s free for business accounts.

I’m so curious on what your favourite tools are as a social media manager. Share below in the comments!


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