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By Lauren | July 15, 2018 | 0 Comment

There are so many fantastic tools out there that make social media management so much easier. However, since there are so many options out there, I find myself in the continuous cycle of downloading and signing-up for apps and forgetting they exist after a day. Seriously though, how many apps do you have sitting on your phone that you never use or forgot you even have? Saying that, the tools below I’ve never gotten sick of because they are seriously awesome and make my life and my job so much easier.


This app has a free and paid version, however, I’ve found that the free version works fine with me. The only limitation I find annoying is I can only upload so many photos to it each month. Basically what Planoly helps with is curating your content for Instagram. Everyone likes to have a visually appealing feed these days and Planoly allows you to see what photos look like together before you post them!


Hootsuite has always been one of my favs for scheduling social media posts, however, in the recent years it’s become more and more limited on what the free version allows users to do. However, the limitations I find to still be fine for what I use it for personally. I usually use Hootsuite to schedule on Twitter and also LinkedIn. I find it easier to just schedule directly on Facebook since they have the function to do so built right into the platform!


Canva makes everyone look like a graphic designer. I’m not a pro at graphic design but every social media manager needs to be able to do the basics quickly and Canva allows you to do that without having extensive design knowledge. They have a ton of templates for different purposes like Pinterest pins for example, and it makes it incredibly easy to plop in a photo and add in your text.


This is a recent discovery which I absolutely love. In fact, I love it enough to actually pay for a pro account for $14 USD a month and I’ve seen huge results using it. Basically it’s a platform that helps you stay on top of Pinterest. You can schedule your pins, join “tribes” where people pin your posts in exchange for pinning theirs, and it makes it easy to be on top of a platform that has so much potential but is often neglected!

What are some of your favourite tools for social media management? Share below in the comments!


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