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Why you should go to Vintage Crawl Toronto!

By Lauren | October 15, 2014 | 0 Comment

On October 9, 2014, Vintage Crawl Toronto happened, a twice annual event that several Toronto vintage stores take place in. On Vintage Crawl Torontotop of keeping the doors open to their stores later (7pm-12am), many of the stores have sales, such as tax free shopping, or discounts, plus food, drinks, etc.

Sprawling from Kensington Market all the way into Parkdale, this event highlighted the best of the best vintage shops along the way. I had the privilege of attending with a friend, and it was a lot of fun, especially since I’m not normally one to go vintage shopping!

So here are my reasons on why I think you should attend next time a Vintage Crawl takes place:

It’s a step back in time

Stepping into a vintage shop isn’t like stepping into the regular chain store. It’s quite the opposite actually, because unlike chain stores, you’ll only find one of a kind things. You know that whatever treasure you find, it’s more than likely not everyone you know will also own it. We stepped into one store and I literally left and said that I felt like I just walked out of an era. Flapper dresses, bowties, marquee signs, and swing music. Vintage Crawl TorontoEverything about this place was just bang on. This is an experience you don’t get in a modern day store, and if you’re open to new adventures, you’ll be sure to end the night satisfied.

It’ll make you remember why you love Toronto

Toronto’s diversity in just about everything is amazing. You can find everything here, and be anyone you want to be. Sometimes we lose sight of this, but events like this remind you how friggin’ awesome Toronto is. You will meet interesting people, find cool things that you won’t find elsewhere, and go into stores that you probably wouldn’t normally stop in. It really is a slap in the face reminder of all the cool things that are hidden amongst the streets of this wonderful city. You’ll find some cool things

It’s something different

For the majority of people in Toronto, vintage shopping isn’t something you do on a regular basis. For me, I love vintage clothes, not necessarily to wear, but I love looking in Vintage Crawl Torontovintage shops because to me it’s almost like looking at art. It’s something different, something fun, and something you’ve probably never seen before (especially in all the chain stores in the Eaton Centre). Even if you have no intention on switching your style to vintage, the vintage crawl is a fun event to attend that’s outside of your regular shopping experience.

You’ll find some awesome things

As much as I love looking at vintage things, and as much as I’d love to able to wear all vintage, it just doesn’t match my style. I don’t wear vintage clothes, but even I went home with a sweet vintage find! There really is something for everyone, and some of the stores even have new clothes mixed in with their vintage stuff. I found this sweet Princeton vintage cardigan, which although I won’t wear everyday was something I looked at and HAD TO HAVE! You are guaranteed to find something you like, whether big or small, at the Vintage Crawl.

Did you go to Vintage Crawl Toronto? Share with me in the comments some of the sweet finds you found!


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