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#WLW14 Takeaways

By Lauren | April 24, 2014 | 0 Comment

Yesterday (April 23) I spent about an hour with 4 pretty rockin’ individuals: Jed Clevenger from Facebook, Russ Laraway from Twitter, Scott Engelman from LinkedIn and Dan Zarrella from HubSpot. How and where did I hangout with 4 awesome social media gurus? In a webinar put on by HubSpot dubbed the World’s Largest Interview with over 34k+ attendees, or #WLW14 for short.

In this speedy one hour webinar, these individuals shared some tips, advice, and tools on how to help you get the most out of your social media presence online. Lots of the information wasn’t new to me, as they did cover a lot of straight forward basics of these platforms but I did have some key takeaways. (Please note, I’m not going to recap all the basic social media information that most people who have any experience working with social media for business would know. Instead information that was new to me or that gave me an “amen for saying that” moment.)

  • Facebook Advertising allows you to upload custom lists to target your advertisements towards. You can actually apparently upload phone lists, emails, and just about anything else to directly target your customers.
  • Share relevant industry information, join in on trending topics that are related to your business, this will help you build relationships with your followers.
  • Use hashtags correctly. Yes this means not hashtagging #every #single #word.
  • Keep your LinkedIn company page informative but engaging. Share relevant content, allow for conversation, engage with your followers.
  • Use the same content across all channels but alter for the different platforms. For example take your emails, blog posts and/or newsletters and carve into bite size pieces to form your Tweets.
  • Including images or other media like videos with your Tweets gives you about 2 times the amount of engagement than a regular post.
  • For LinkedIn the rule of thumb for sponsored posts is, if your post is organically getting about 1% engagement, it’ll do well as a sponsored post.
  • Treat all your networks differently, don’t be a lazy marketer and just connect all your platforms. (AMEN TO THAT!)
  • It’s important to get good at Twitter organically and then compliment it with advertising as an extension.
  • Keep in mind it’s hard to over tweet but easy to over post on Facebook.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a quote that was said several times throughout the webinar that I loved:

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”




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